PCI Motherboards & PCI Computers

Our Popular Industrial PCI Motherboards

Planned availability until 2033!
Native Windows 7 Support
Intel 13th & 12th Generation
Supports M.2 NVME

PCI slots are becoming a rarer sight on modern motherboards, particularly those from retail and commercial channels. We can offer a number of different options to support your PCI hardware, depending on your requirements.

Be sure to check out our complete range of sample PCI Motherboards & PCI Computers, or see our System Integration page for how we can build you a custom system and Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Need Help Chosing?

We have an experienced pre-sales team who can help you chose a product based on your requirements.

We go the extra mile and can offer products not listed on our website if it's the most suitable. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

A Sample of our Industrial PCI Computers

4 PCI & 2 ISA | Assembled by us in the UK
Up to 18 PCI | Assembled by us in the UK


We are a licensed Microsoft IoT OEM, which means we can supply fixed purpose systems with Windows IoT Enterprise, including LTSC versions. We can also pre-install the latest Windows Professional for your general computing needs.


These are just a sample of our most popular configurations. We can build bespoke IPCs to your requirements. Please see System Integration for details, or Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

The products listed on our website are just a selection of what we are able to offer, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.