Intel Embedded CPUs (Long Term Available)


Supported Operating Systems for Intel Graphics Products


Legacy Windows Chipset Support

Windows 98: Up to 800 series (e.g. 845GV)

Windows 2000: Up to 4 series (e.g. G41)

Windows XP: Up to 8 series (Haswell, e.g. H81)*

Windows 7: Up to 100 series (Skylake, e.g. Q170)


*(exc HDMI audio). We have seen some issues with Windows XP graphics driver, CPUs with HD 4600 graphics (e.g. i3-4330 or higher) seem to work well.


Digi AnywhereUSB and Multi-Hosting Features Explained

The Digi AnywhereUSB series of products are designed to provide USB ports, which are remotely connected to a host machine via a network, as if they were a locally attached hub. They are not designed to allow USB devices to be accessed by everyone on the network. USB has a 5m cable limit without active repeaters, but by converting the protocol to TCP/IP (and back again), a USB port can theoretically be on the other side of the world to the host machine. The host machine will still think that the hub is plugged directly into it, with only difference being increased latency.

The software drivers for the Digi AnywhereUSB series emulate a locally attached USB hub, the connection is constant (while the network remains up), whether you are accessing the port or not. The host machine is not aware that the ports are on a network, the Digi hub and drivers convert USB to TCP/IP and back again on the fly, so that compatible devices will work as if they are plugged directly into the machine. The only way to have different machines connecting to the same port, would involve disassociating the configured machine with that port, and then reconfiguring it with another machine.

Multi-hosting allows you to link each individual port on the device to a different machine (be it physical or virtual), models without this feature will only allow the entire hub to be assigned to one machine at a time. Taking the AnywhereUSB 14 as an example, you have to think of the multi-hosting feature like 14 separate remote USB hubs which can each be assigned individually or in groups to a different machine.

The Digi AnywhereUSB series is supported by VMware and while multiple machines cannot be configured to access the same port simultaneously, it may be possible to install the hub on the host machine and have the virtual environment control access for each virtual machine, if it supports this.

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