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BRESSNER UK Limited specialise in the supply, distribution & assembly of "Computing and Communication Products". We pride ourselves on our personal service and while English is our primary language, we offer our products and services both through resellers and directly to end business users, worldwide.

With over 30 years experience in the industry and a long history supplying Industrial Computers and Revision & Issue Control products, the company is well positioned to serve industries such as Industrial Automation, Medical, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure, Transportation etc.

Our long established relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers enable us to offer a wide range of high quality products, backed up by technically competent long term support.



Digi International

Digi provides M2M and IoT connectivity solutions that deliver the relentless reliability and bullet-proof performance our customers require for demanding, mission critical industry applications.



DFI-ITOX is recognized nationwide as a leading supplier of x86 embedded motherboards and single board computers for use in light industrial and special OEM/ODM environments. DFI guarantees that our products will be available for a minimum of 5~7 years.


Antaira Technologies

Antaira Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer that provides high-quality industrial networking and communication product solutions. Antaira product lines range from industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, Ethernet media converters, and serial communication devices.



Brainboxes is one of the leading serial communication device developers and manufacturers in the World. With headquarters in Liverpool, UK, it has a team of highly qualified software and hardware designers, matched by a world-class in-house volume manufacturing facility.



Portwell has focused itself towards a high-technology scope that brings company value through the state-of-the-art. The in-house design of industrial computers and application platforms by Portwell has also been targeted to meet our customer needs for flexibility.



Akasa design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality technology products including coolers, heatsinks and fans. We work closely with Intel and AMD to ensure our products match the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology.


Mobius Networks

Mobius is the UKs first integrated data airtime provider. We aim to prove that, in the data world, all networks are not the same and even, all SIMs are not the same. Mobius Networks is the ONLY provider who can provide this service with a single ‘to the byte’ billing service.

The products listed on our website are just a selection of what we are able to offer, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.