Personal, Flexible, Friendly

Your call will be routed directly to our UK staff. We can offer sale/return & demo units on certain products and maintain a level of stock for established projects.

One-Off / On-Going Projects

We will specify bespoke solutions to meet your needs and through specialist channels provide continued availability on hard to find parts, as long as possible.

In-House Tech Support & Build

We have our own in house technical support & hardware build team and we have direct relationships with our hardware manufacturers for further advice.

Legacy Hardware Support

Make your USB and Serial devices network capable with a range of USB and serial devices that enable transparent communication to devices on your network or in the cloud.

We have motherboards which offer 5 PCI Slots. We can also specify and build using PICMG SBC & Backplane technology to offer up to 18 PCI Slots or alternatively a Smaller Form Factor.

Our latest motherboard with ISA Slots also supports Legacy OS and 32-bit Windows through virtualisation. A step-by-step guide to moving your legacy OS to a VM is available at no extra cost and the board has planned availability until 2033.

Bespoke Industrial PCs

In addition to a wide range of Embedded Box PCs, Tablets, Industrial Displays and Panel PCs, we can also design and build bespoke, turnkey solutions, from barebones to a fully configured system with custom BIOS & customer provided software.

We are a licensed Microsoft IoT OEM, which means we can supply fixed purpose systems with Windows IoT Enterprise, including LTSC versions. We can also pre-install the latest Windows Professional for your general computing needs.

High Reliability

Industrial components are built to a much higher standard than commercial parts and are perfectly suited even where a rugged system is not required but high reliability still is. Our motherboards from DFI/ITOX are revision & issue controlled to provide a stable and reliable platform for your ongoing projects.

We can stand behind the high reliability claims by offering up to 5 years warranty on most industrial networking and communication hardware and offer up to 3 years warranty when quoting other industrial hardware.

Long Term Availability

A lot of time can be invested in developing a solution around new hardware, embedded roadmaps provide the assurance of having several years planned availability ahead. Much of our industrial and embedded computer hardware is available for at least 5 years with some up to 15 years from launch.

Embedded roadmaps, product change (PCN) and last time buy (LTB) notices allow us to notify you far enough in advance to be able to evaluate and discuss any future changes to the specification. We can also offer long term available industrial grade and high reliability SSDs, memory and flash storage for projects from ATP.

The products listed on our website are just a selection of what we are able to offer, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.